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Version 3.0

Hibernate is ok for having database transparency. We tested v2.0 of the module with a MS SQL Server and MySQL installation of DotNetNuke. We resulted though, that Hibernate includes a latency in the interactions with the database, especially when having a big media collection. For this reason, we considered dumping the NHibernate DP and seek help with XML. After all the flash viewer as an input requires XML files for describing the media. This version uses XML data provider for storing required data to XML files. Having a stable version, we will continue with improvements on administrator user's interface for configuring the module.

Current release has a name, it is called "Herodotus". This is a historical momment for us, thus the module got its name from an ancient Greek Historian called who is considered the "father of history" in western cultures. There are some photos also related to this release, wich may be distributed freely.


Version 2.0

Microsoft SQL Server as a backend database for DotNetNuke creates a limitation on this module usage. After all there are patches of DotNetNuke, that runs over Oracle or MySQL databases. So we came into mind to create a database provider that will operate with all kind of databases. For this, we considered using Hibernate (NHibernate to be more acurate). The module redisigned for NHibernate Data Provider. We also consider for next releases to use some king of name.


Version 1.0

Creating module, with an SQL data provider. Flash Viewer is based on Adobe Media Gallery an open source extension for Adobe Bridge for creating HTML pages with Flash photo galleries. After a series of bug fixes and builds, the module finally released for DotNetNuke installation using SQL server.  Version 1.0 released and installed in few DotNetNuke installations with the limitation implied with MS SQL Server.

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