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About NetBrood Scroller

NetBrood Scroller our module to create scrolling content - BetBrood logo imageScroller is a DotNetNuke module for creating scrolling content such as text or images banners.

The module is based on the marquee element. 

Marquee content has many usability problems, because it disctacts the human eye and is constantly moving. Also because of the fact that not the complete marquee content may be visible all the time it may cause printing problems. Last marquee element is not HTML compliant, thus its existance in a web page may cause W3C validation failure. You can read more about marquee element in Wikipedia.  

We do not advise the usage of this module when complianse is required!

However when HTML compliance is not an isue, this element may not be a very bad idea. Its functionality is embedded in the browsers and so does not require any extra memory or cpu power to execute a JavaScript to visualize the movement of the content. So it will provide a lightweight solution for creating movable banners, content or ads. 

Concluding, this module:

  • it is not HTML compliant but is supported by all browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.)
  • produces scrollable content easily. You do not have to know HTML or JavaScript. If you know how to use Text/HTML module, you can also create scrolling content in one standard way. We use it also to present our Google Ads, see it in the bottom of the screen; Google Ads do not have this effect by default.
  • it is lightweight. Its impact is only few bytes (less than 1 kb) and you do not have to include any extended JS to create the scrolling effect. So it is recommended in heavy loaded pages (e.g. online newspapers or blogs).
  • if you create small banner ads you can save the content in module settings (this works even if you do not have MS SQL database provider). On the other hand, if you want to create scrollable articles' headers or other bigger content, you can store the content in its MS SQL database table.
  • it is cheap; just check it in SnowCovered.

If you want something different we also have created a JavaScript based module for sliding content. Check out our J Slider.

My favorite modules

NetBrood View

View is a DotNetNuke module for creating xml flash galleries and displaying them in your web site. You can view the release here, or you can check the demos hosted in the demos page.

NetBrood Scroller

Scroller is a DotNetNuke module for creating scrolling content such as text or images banners. Well?


What do you think about Flash View?
NetBrood Flash View Module 

NetBrood Flash View is a DotNetNuke module for creating highly customizable media gallaries and displaying them using flash. 

Click on image to the left, to find out more. Also check the images bellow.

Flowers get to know their names 

This gallery contains a set of images about flowers you've probably seen, but never wondered about their names or their origin or properties.

Spend some time to learn their names, origin and other properties as you may get one in the future.

In the mean time notice the style used, the background image and all the details that produces this outstanding result.

Playing cat

This gallery contains a set of images about a funny cat playing.

You can compare this galery to the previous one. Yes, both were created using our module - Flash View. Click on the image link to the left and notice the images and thumbnail frames, the colors the transition and all the other details that distinguish the above gallery from this one.

Enjoy the funny pictures and the presentations as well!

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