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Here in this page we try to demonstrate the J Slider module. Working with this module is fun and easy. In order to show you how fun and easy is to create banners and advertizements we have created several of them, using various instances of this module.

Above, on the center we have created a mini comic. We made the module to display a sequence of four images with no text dispayed.

Above on the right, we have created an instance of this module displaying the DotNetNuke modules we are proud of. As you may notice, for the rendition, we may use an image or not, a title and a short description. Also there is a connecting link that navigates us away when we click the image or the title (if there is no image). In the same way you can create short news and announcements linked to portions of your website, or the internet.

Last on the right we have created an advertisement banner, showing SnowCovered, where you can find and download J Slider, and some google advertisements. In the same way you can create advertisements for your website and increase your visibility, your throughput or incomes by ads.

Check all insances of JSlider and if you think this module is what you also need, you can order this module on SnowCovered (you will find the link on the advertisement pane).

*Note: If you think they are switching very fast you can "pause" on the displaying rendition every time you set the mouse over the banner. You can pause the switch as much as you need to read the text or probably click the image or any links displayed. The context switch will continue, when you move the mouse out and away from the banner. 


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