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About NetBrood J Slider

J Slider is a DotNetNuke module for creating displaying one in a time, a media rendition, containing a photo, a title and a description. Its functionality is based on JavaScript for creating the scrolling - sliding effect, that's why it's called J Slider.

Using this module, you may increase the information displayed on a page, using the minimum area. Didn't you ever had a list of news? Would you display all of them in the first page? Wanting to display all of them at the same time, will occupy a lot of space on a page; this may not be efficient, since you may want to display a lot of content on a page, such as static html content, articles, adds, banners etc.

Authorized user, such as page editors or administrator, may define a window size (maximum width and height), to display the text (title and description) and the time to change the rendition items. Authorized users have the ability to crate new content, remove old content with few mouse clicks. Also when creating renditions, users can chose not to use images, but only text (title and description).

 This module uses JavaScript for displaying the list of media rendition, one by one. You can see instances of this module here, in the demo page. However the content will not constantly change; when a visitor, holds his/her mouse over the content, the content will pause, until the user leaves the slide window.

Also text styling is defined in the corresponding CSS classes for the title and the description, so their style can be easily changed to mach the text style of your portal. Do you want to see J Slider in action?

In marquee Scroller module, user could define only one rendition item and that item is being scrolled using the HTML marquee element. Here the user may define as many renditions as he/she pleases as there is no limitation on renditions created with this module. This module maintains its own database table for the renditions being created.

So, while marquee scroller module (Scroller II) works with DotNetNuke 4 & 5 and does not depend on the database type or version, on the contrary, this module depends on SQL Server database and required DotNetNuke version 5.2.0 and heigher (database is the same that DotNetNuke is running on). 

The JavaScript used is developed using Quirks Mode ( guidelines and the module has been tested with IE, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari and also tested for Android mobile phones' browsers (such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera).

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