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IP Safe module demo page...

wanna try a demo?The demo is splitted to this and the next page (Test Page) so that it will be better understood. In the next page you are able to modify the entries add or remove your own IP Actions. But in order for you to do this, you have to be a registered user; so please register first. Registration is free and it takes only few minutes.

You will undertand how it works - better - if you try it on yourself; if you use for the demo your own IP address, as you see it in the botom of this page. Later on, if you login as the same user, will be able to delete it, or the administrator will delete it for you after some time.

IP Safe is already enabled for this page. You can see it in the bottom of the page displaying your browser and IP address. But on this page does not take action for registered user; so if you have already logged in - e.g. in the first page - then you will be able to visit this page any time. But if you set the action globaly for any page and you visit this page as unauthenticated user (logged out) then it will come into effect for this page also and the action you defined will be applied to you.

In the next page though IP Safe is not disabled for registered users, so it will take action allways. Thus if you enter your own IP address, to perform some action, then that action will take place every time you will visit the next page. If you set the action for any page, that action will also take place to this page, if you visit this page being logout.

For instance, if you define as an action to redirect your IP address to some other page, then you will be redirected every time you visit the next page, unless you use the safe word. Safe word - actually the link containing the safeword - is revealed to you on this page only when visit this page as a registered user  (you have logged in). Using that link you will be able to visit a page where IP Safe is enabled and bypass IP Safe on that page.

But enough of word, gust go and give it a try... select an action and see what happents... 



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