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About IP Safe Module

IP Safe module image NetBrood IP Safe is an easy to use module for your DotNetNuke web site. It can be used to restrict access to some IP adresses, redirect them or serve some content or a file.

As any responsible administrator you visit your Administrative Site Log page for collecting statistics or analyzing its details. While checking the detailed site log, though, have you ever noticed one (or more) specific, IP address (-es) sending requests to your website more often than usual and to a specific page, something like thousends requests per second??? 

Did you track the IP addresses but they are either not leading to a specific well known server, such as a well known search engine, but instead they have been identified as clients' bots???

Did you contacted your host administrator to check those IP addresses, to blacklist or restore those addresses but this led to many emails beeing exchanged and at the end nothing happened, because a new IP address appeared after a while???

 If the answer is yes to the above questions, then maybe, IP safe can be an easy and inexpensive solution for you to use and furnish your DotNetNuke website.

IP handling is performed in the lower communication stack (3rd level). This kind of handling is performed usually by the system administrators; they define black-white list with IP addresses which can conect to the machinge running the webserver. While administrators block access in general to the machine, by closing TCP ports, they permit connection to the web server for clients to connect and perform requests.

But this is critical, since most essensial resources - and scpecially those connected to the privacy of your users or clients - are on your web server. So attackers try to exploit security flows, or bugs in the application level, in order to steal your precious resources (Such as the vulnerability in ASP .NET we recently heard about. An attacker using this vulnerability could request and download files within an ASP.NET Application like the web.config file (which often contains sensitive data); also could decrypt data sent to the client in an encrypted state - like ViewState data within a page).

We are talking about web spiders, bots or whatever web clients that traverse your website. This could be for malicious reasons such as stealing your resources (data, access to your resources or even bandwidth) or not, such as search engines indexing your website. But this also could make us being suspicious; what is a search engine doing in my website, since I did not invited it; or I put my robot.txt to block it?

So, aren't there times you wish to block some "persistent clients"? Sure in the platform you can restrict access to some users, but you cannot block some or redirect others to some other portions of your web site.

IP safe is a module like any other DotNetNuke module. You can place it to a page and/or copy it to other pages in order to protect the pages where it is used. Also you can use it to display the client details, such as its browser and IP address, to the visiting user and/or log the visiting page. Its basic functionality is to restrict access (block), redirect, serve a file or a content (text) to clients identified by their IP addresses.

This way you can have one extra tool in your administrative toolbox to increase the safety of your website and use it as a responsible administrator of your website.

If you'd like to see a demo, follow this link.


IP Safe Announcements
Version 2.22.0 released - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We are happy to announce that a new version of NetBrood IP Safe DotNetNuke Module (v 2.22.0) has been released in and is now available in DotNetNuke Store. Curious for what's new...???

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