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Finance Pricing and Licensing

NetBrood is financed in the following ways:

  • Custom Development: NetBrood is creating software for third party companies and payed by signed contracts.
  • Proprietary software products: We develop general usage software products and we licenses for their usage.
  • Donations on free products: We rely also on donations. Many of our softwate products are free to use. We depend of donation for evolving them and making them better. 
  • Advertizements published through advertizement service. If you would like to know more about our advertizement service, please check out the related page.

 Developing software for NetBrood and supporting on products and services is a very time and resource consumming task. We believe though that we make usefull things that finds correspondance on you; and thus we want your support in any way you can, buying, donating or advertizing on us. These money will be used for improvements and developing more solutions for you; to support you and your work!


Pricing is applied only to proprietary products and services. As mentioned earlier we develop proprietary products and services and sell their licenses for a minimum price in order to balance some of the development costs*.

Pricing on those products and services is done taken into account how much do customers value our product or service when using it into their business and how much money we need in order to cover the development costs. The total amount needed depends also on an estimation on how many people may be willing to buy the proprietary product or service in a given amount of time insed of developing and supporting it.  When the amount required is met, then we lower the price gradually for the proprietary software and in the end we release it for free.


We continue to support our products even after we release them for free.


There is no pricing on free software products and services we provide and are declared so. Most of those products have covered their development costs based on past fees and donations. Donations are also esential for supporting the future development costs and redusing prices on the current developments. Since current developments are not released yet, we expect you to support us by donating on what we have developed for you.    


*When talking about development cost we also mean: third party code we payed for, third party resources and people we had to occupy, books we had to rent or buy to investigate some areas, hosting etc. 


We license our developments with diferent licenses. The licenses we use are:

  • Our proprietary for the proprietary development licenses we sell.
  • Our Free software licenses.
  • Our Open source licenses.
  • Creative Common License.
  • GNU Public Licenses.
  • MIT Licenses.

Each one of the products or the services may have more than one license and/or a combination of the above. Please verify the license information before downloading or using one of our developments or contact us; we will be at your service for any clarification or verification or to provide you the correct license for any software you downloaded or service you intent to use. 

Licensing also follows the pricing cycle for proprietary developments. When we reach expectations for a product or service we have developed, then we release it publicly using one of the above licenses. 


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