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Net Brood's customer profiles

We distinguish three categories of people involved with web and portals:

  • Content providers: entrepises that their main purpose is the content delivery. They concern more on the content rather than the presentation of the content. They want fully functional error free solutions to do their work more efficient.
  • Web Professionals: web administrators, developers and any other professionals that create, maintain or evolve portals. They are not only concern about the content but are also concern about the content's presentation, security etc. They are mainly offering their services to content providers trying to make their content more appealing, more approachable and more accessible to the most business customers.
  • Web Hobbyists: simple people that want to socialize, communicate with others, have fun, share their knowledges, ideas, make a difference to the world etc. They are also concern about their privacy, their content and its presentation. Their main motivation is to spread their word. 

NetBrood understanding those customer needs tries to offer solutions that will cover those needs. Our products and services are created to facilitate your work and make your content more appealing to the most of your customers. Whatever your customer needs are we try to develop solutions that will cover those needs. Even if we don't have any product or service developed, with our custom development service we may have a solution for your business problem.

Please browse this web site and you may find something usefull or you can contact us directly to express your opinion, ideas or your business problem.

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