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DotNet Nuke General Purose and Custom Developed Modules


NetBrood develops general purpose software products, and since we are working with DotNetNuke framework, we build general purpose DotNetNuke Modules!

The modules we develop cover most of the content providers needs. We try to find unique needs, from our unique customers and our web users that are not covered from the existing modules in the market and try to cover those needs. Check out our repository and you may find something you really need!

Aren't there some times you feel that all the existing work does not cover your needs?Are you interested in a custom services or operations through your web site? Would you like to provide some services through your DotNetNuke portal but you have not found any usefull module yet to cover your needs? You could contact us.

NetBrood offers also custom developed module for specific business purpose. Modules that are unique, do not exist in the market and you need their functionality for your business! Through our customer productivity baseline model we are able to offer you exaclty what you need. Check out our customer profiles so that you may be inform more about our custom development service! 

Through our web site, from time to time, we will also offer from time to time free modules and resources. Stay in touch and you may find something useful that may give you the advantage on your business or your web site!



Want more??? S.E.O.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making your content more efficient for search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing.

Nowadays most of websites are rearched using search providers like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Most of the people tend to use a search engine, instead of using bookmarks and they are even few those who remember URL adresses.

And what makes a website interesting is for sure its content!!!

So, is your website interesting but still it has not reached the public? Search engines' robots crawl world wide web and create indices of the content they meet (your web site) into the search engine's databases. Later on when world wide web users search for content, using their favorite search engine, they usually search among the content the crawlers listed. In other words, if you want your content to be listed into the search engines' databases and later on retrieved higher on searches, your web site has to follow some rules, have some extra features or other content. 

We could help you with the search engine optimization process of your website working side by side, with you, using tools and metrics for acheiving higher page ranks for your website. It doesn't matter if your web site is implemented from scratch or using some framework such as DotNetNuke (DNN), Drupal or Joomla; the rules are the same! A good framework though, such as DotNetNuke, Drupal or Joomla facilitates this work.

So, is your web site ranked in the first pages of your favorite search provider?

Use our tool - fully functional for the first results - and find out or contact us for the details!

Portals Layouts, Presentation and DotNetNuke Skinning

We could help you design your own unique skin or customize one of those you like...

The presentation of a web site is the first step on making web friends and having your customers trusting you. You may want your users to visit your web site quite often. Thus you would like an appealing web site that is easy to browse and accessible to all browsers. What make your web site appealing is not only the content you publish. Sure the content is the main reason for someone to visit your web site, since you may have something he/she needs, but if that content is buried then you may loose one potential user, customer or a friend.

But when we are talking about the presentation, we mean something more than just the layout. We mean the layout and also the styles, the colors, the content and its presentation. But we concern not only about the average user. We also concern about people with disabilities. Thus we want out web sites to be accessible using the web accessibility guidelines (W3C / WAI). We want our web sites to attract all potential users and facilitate their browsing through your content! We want to encourage them to stay more to our web site, since they will always find something useful.

Once again DotNetNuke can facilitate our work. DotNetNuke community has a broad range of free skins and presentation layouts. Even though many other users may have chosen to use a particular skin, we can always customize one of them to meet your needs.

Through our web site, from time to time, we will also offer free skins and containers. Keep track and stay in touch!

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Wether you are a web professional or hobbyist, NetBrood can help you to grow your business or every day's passion by helping you to build a highly professional web site. Web sites can be proven powerful tools for doing business, communicating, advertising, socializing or simply having fun.

Let us help you building and hosting your web site. 

Using the power of the DotNetNuke platform we could simplify the whole process. Whether you would like a complete redesign of your old website or would like to build a new web site, Net Brood has the skills to realize your need. We offer web site hosting, using the proven dotnetnuke platform. While hosting with us, we offer free web site design or you could choose one of the available design templates or skins.

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