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Hello, we are Net Brood


Net Brood is a development team that is striving to increase productivity by offering ready and easy-to-use web solutions. The team was created by a common need, the need to offer our knowledge, skills and time to make your life as a web developer, designer or a web professional better. By presenting you ready-to-use solutions you could concentrate to the critical part of your business and forget about the devil in the details.

Nowadays the team is focusing on the DotNetNuke platform. We have developed several DotNetNuke modules for you (either you are an individual or a business entity) to use in your DotNetNuke website. Also we offer desktop solutions or services that come along with your presense on the world wide web. 

We believe that we could make a difference and the world wide web better for you and your web visitors. Besides designing and building our own dotnetnuke modules and skins, we offer custom development services to help others in getting the fully functional solution for their needs. Here, with us, there is always a solution to each and every business problem.

Feel free to contact us if you have any need for custom dotnetnuke module development, skin design, or would like our opinion on how we can make your dotnetnuke modules or dotnetnuke portal better.

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages and that you will find something useful that will cover your needs!


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